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Inspiring Change through Motivation and Love,
The PLP Way!


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Peace Love and Positivity™, founded in 2019, is a Philadelphia-based brand that promotes a positive lifestyle. From motivational speeches, to short, uplifting messages and clothes that promote positivity, everything PLP is dedicated to helping the people. Tune into @PeaceLoveAndPositivityBrand on Instagram for weekly motivational messages.

Our Founder

Our founder, Devon Sistrunk is a Philadelphia local whose feet are planted in the community. Devon grew up as an active member in non-profit foundations and anti-violence groups. In 2009, his family experienced the deepest tragedy a family can face: His brother was gunned down on the street in front of his house. Devon's family spent the following years finding ways to make a positive impact in their neighborhood. Currently, Devon is seeking collaboration with local non-profit foundations and community activists to promote positive messages and spark change within Philadelphia communities.

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